In the Name of Faith


When you see or hear this word, what comes to mind? What does that energy do within you? Where does it go? What does it mean to feel it? How does it really feel?

When I began shifting from an unconscious way of living and feeling to a more conscious, present moment practice of Being; I realized that I did not know what certain feeling words meant. Years had been spent imprinting an old story around the events in my life. Pain that is practiced is recalled easily from day to day. When I was ready to let that story go and embrace a better one for myself, I wanted to invoke self-love, compassion, joy, peace, contentment, happiness, fun and healing, but I did not know how.

When I spoke the words, the feeling component was not there.

In the absence of that know-how, it is easy to convince ourselves that it just does not exist within us and it will be hard to acquire. But I have practiced something long before I learned anything else and that is: Faith. 

Faith was interwoven in all of my life experiences as I was aware of the synchronizations, the timing, the lessons, the people, the perfect order of it all and the indescribable beauty that shines through a human experience. I had learned to practice a certain trust that things always work out and that I always had access to solutions, intuition and other paths. 

I may not have known how to feel those higher emotions, but I did know that they existed within me. I knew that I am a holder of all vibrations of emotion and that I could clear enough space to embody the feelings that I wanted to feel. My meditation practice helped me learn to slow down my thoughts enough to feel the space and in that space, the answer would come. 

Without thoughts to block the feeling, any feeling you want to learn, practice and know can surface within you. It can bloom and expand and ripple through your body and out into your awareness. And if you meet yourself in this place where you answers are, what is then practiced is then easy to recall from day to day. 

This is how we imprint the new story and open ourselves up to the ever changing narrative of our lives. Knowing is an active practice of meeting ourselves in the space where the solutions are and allowing them to be received and integrated. 

Feeling Faith taught me that you can let go of anything and hold yourself in the feeling space you want to be in. Faith continues to evolve within me the more I trust the answers I receive. It became clear to me that Faith is not something we spend outside of ourselves, it is an inner process that is called forward in our conscious moments and it is my intention that, through practice, this word will be synonymous with another: Myself.

In Whom is my faith best placed?


The same is true for you. There are no answers that are outside of you. You can tap into any feeling space with the questions above and the cleared space in your thoughts for the feeling to emerge. Invoke Faith in yourself and ask how it feels for you – know that you are worthy of feeling it by dismissing any doubt that comes up. You can choose where your focus will go and who will embody your faith. Let it bloom from within. Let it be Yourself. 

Much Love to you on your path, 


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