Reiki is…

Every time I have a conversation with someone who is new to Reiki, I find there are so many more definitions that come forth; because as Reiki is that conscious, life energy – it can be literally anything that we want it to be and show up in anything that we give conscious direction to.

  • Reiki is a spiritual practice for physical and mental well-being.
  • Reiki is a connecting energy between the divine and yourself.
  • Reiki is positive intention.
  • Reiki is an authentic smile, warm eye contact or a comforting hug.
  • Reiki is physical relaxation.
  • Reiki is mental peace.
  • Reiki is conscious joy through the emotional experience.
  • Reiki is talking and receiving solutions.
  • Reiki is surrender.
  • Reiki is seamless with who you are.

Reiki is a guiding principal in living a life that feels really, really good.

There are as many ways for Reiki to manifest through your life as there are people on this Earth. Reiki is our individual path to our Source energy and the conscious partner through which we do all other things.

If you are engaging yourself and your awareness in a positive way, you are flowing the unconditional love of Reiki energy. And to be aware of that is how we take our Reiki practices to the next level of conscious intention. To be aware of that is how we keep that never-ending, unconditional love flowing to us, as it was always meant to.

Reiki is knowing that you are never alone.

Sending much love to you on your path today and all days,


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