5 Years into my New Beginning…

When my husband and I moved to Canada where he was born, I did not realize that we moved on the first day of Spring, 2012. It was very much a literal and figurative "New Beginning" in our lives, even though I had no idea how it was supposed to look or what would happen... Continue Reading →


Goodbye Scorpio Season Today brought the first snow flakes where I live and huge, sweeping gusts of wind to blow them around. I took a walk because, to me, this is Soul Clearing Weather. It is a conscious decision to connect with the shifting of seasons, be present with the Earth and let its force... Continue Reading →

Aquarius Full Moon: You Are A Free Spirit

  What does that really mean? I have considered the term "Free Spirit" to be more generally a Piscean/Neptune theme, but this is the phrase that kept coming to me as I was contemplating this full moon's message. Interestingly enough, when I looked up the etymology of the word "Free Spirit" it has its origins... Continue Reading →

When People Transition En-Masse

These words are offered in the highest intention to provide a bridge of understanding for the times we are living in and to bring into perspective where we can go from here. As my views on Death are evolving, I do not hold the same reactions to these events as I used to. In fact,... Continue Reading →

Planetary Retrogrades: Exactly Where You Are Supposed to Be

I love Astrology. I love the symbolism, the history, the weight, the significance and meaning that is there to lighten a path, the synastry, the patterns, the connections, the stories, the mythology, the science, the shapes, the energy,  and the love. All the Love. For the human experience, for the simple complexity, for the cosmic... Continue Reading →

2016: The Transition of Masters and the Passing of Torches

I think it's time to talk about this. Numerically, we are in a 9 vibrational year, a year of endings, mastering, and completion before new cycles/changes can take effect. And we have seen Giants in all walks of Life, take leave of their physical bodies and Ascend Home. The day before our Scorpio Full Moon, another... Continue Reading →

It is Not Who You Are – It is What Has Happened to You

Originally Written 2013   I think this has to be my mantra for awhile. So often..and by often I really mean all of the time, when I have a panic attack, mood swing, intense anger, my rational thinking brain is reduced to a hellish tunnel vision on what is wrong with me personally. It is... Continue Reading →

Rage Against the Machine

Originally Posted/Written 2013 That is probably not a very inventive title – I’m sure it’s been thought of before. But here I am claiming it for myself. I’m an angry girl. I believe my emotional self to be around 11. Only, I look back at myself at 11 and marvel at how “mature” I was.... Continue Reading →

Trust Fall

2014 I don’t know if I fit the qualifications to be a poster child for “Daddy Issues”, but I certainly have them, and they certainly affect my life and my relationships. I trust no one. And I don’t know if it counts that I say I trust certain people “as much as I can”. What... Continue Reading →

Battle Ship: Emotions Edition

For as much strategy as we put into our life and the way our days unfold; there is that possibility that something comes along that either derails plans or shatters expectations. There is a moment, smaller than the space of a breath, where something is decided in your brain. Are you in danger or otherwise... Continue Reading →

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