Bubble Theory


I have been accused of living in “My Own Little Bubble”.

And I do.
But don’t we all?

Our inner world is our bubble. It is around us no matter where we go, what we do, who we talk to— outside of all of that, we are inside of our bubble. Thoughts, perceptions and feelings travel around with us and sometimes we are all preoccupied with what is happening within this sphere. Until….


We’ve all been there, right? Something happens or for some people Anything happens: An outside noise, a rude comment, our children, our parents, our entire family if we are being honest, or anything really that snaps you out of your head and into a negative space. We are being forced out of a comfort zone we may not even be aware of: Our Bubble.

I do not think that Bubbles are inherently fragile or weak. They expand, they hold shape and their inevitable burst aligns with the human inability to hold perfect space for the continuous traffic of emotions.

Hell, we can pop our own bubbles!

But much in the way we form our family,
Bubbles can come together and hold a different shape.
They invent new parameters of strength and safety and become one unit.


This is our family. This is the entire ecosystem we travel in. All in our own bubbles.

Kids live naturally in their bubbles. They sing, play, feel. That is their world.

What happens when they do something “wrong”? They have popped our bubble. Disrupted our agenda, train of thought, ideas of what should happen.

What do we do?


We reach into their world, by voice, tone, threat or hand and purposefully popTheir Bubble to make them see what they have done.  They might not really understand it because….they were just in their bubble.

We need to be conscious of our bubbles. We need to stop being a Nation of Bubble Popping Parents. We need to protect our own bubbles and learn ways of repairing and rebuilding bubbles when they inevitably burst..because we are only human.

We can strengthen and protect our bubbles the more we fill them with Love.


Sounds cheesy, huh? I know. But it’s true. So…..

We think and see good intentions in our children, our spouse and ourselves. We take care of ourselves. We respect the space of all of the bubbles in the house. (And Every Where Else, Really) We are aware of when our children are in their bubbles and respect that space. The more positive we can be, the harder it is for your bubble to burst.

Much in the way our bubbles can expand to include more love,


They can easily burst with what we perceive to be negative if our inner world is already filled with negativity and our space (bubble) will expand (burst) to include more of the same.

Take Care to Protect the Bubbles.


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