Shifting from Blame to Responsibility

Here is why forgiveness is a hard concept to wrap my mind around in my recovery: Whose fault is it? It wasn’t mine. I at least know this. My father’s? Maybe. He made a lot of bad choices. He is an alcoholic. But he’s also in a lot of pain. Always has been. I remember... Continue Reading →

When Entertainment is the Trigger

When I was little, my parents watched what they wanted to watch on tv. They consumed a lot of news, they watched a lot of violent movies/shows. ..I was able to find the porn collection pretty early. When I didn’t want to watch something, I could isolate myself and still hear it, or I could... Continue Reading →

Bubble Theory

I have been accused of living in “My Own Little Bubble”. And I do. But don’t we all? Our inner world is our bubble. It is around us no matter where we go, what we do, who we talk to— outside of all of that, we are inside of our bubble. Thoughts, perceptions and feelings... Continue Reading →

Learning to Use My Voice Pt 2

It's a Big Topic. Have you ever thought about what it means to tell your story?  I think about it all of the time because it is a big part of my healing journey. But I also know that to tell a story is to create a world, and I am very conscious of what... Continue Reading →

Learning to Use My Voice

I am sure that if I said out loud to everybody I knew that I had trouble using my voice and communicating, there would be a few raised eyebrows and a couple "Yeah, um, okay...You have trouble speaking your mind." I've been known to have quite a sharp tongue, sometimes. I'm usually pretty quick with... Continue Reading →

Hello, I’m Rose and I am A Recovering Pisces

Does anybody else have, like, 800 Blogs, website starters, pages, ect scattered all over the interwebs or is it just me? I assign this scattered characteristic lovingly my Piscean Nature and I am learning day by day to tame it into the focus of what I want to create, with my words and with my... Continue Reading →

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